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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look Mexico vs. Suburban Home Records

We have the biggest news in the freakin' world for you right now!!!

Look Mexico is proud to announce that we are now a part of the Suburban Home family! That's right! We'll be releasing our next record with Virgil and his amazing crew at Suburban Home in the fall of this year! We've had a wonderful stay at Lujo Records, and cannot thank Erik and Jocelyn enough for their care and support through these last couple of years, but we know Suburban Home is the right next step for us, and we cannot be more thrilled to have such an awesome group of folks releasing our next record. How do we know they're awesome? Because we met them on our last tour!!! Sweetest dudes/dude-ettes ever!

Speaking of the next record, I just finished laying down the first seven drum tracks from our new one. Here's some footage of me looking sloppy and Auggie manning the keys:

Still don't have a name for the record yet, but we're working on it. Big thanks to John Frank and Ronald for letting me borrow their sick drum kits so I could have the sickest sound on these new jams. Our main man, August Hansen, is now in the process of mixing those tracks down so we can get to laying all the other stuff on top. Smith is slated to start tracking his bass tomorrow, and then we'll roll from there. From the way things are looking with the drums- this is going to be our most awesome record yet. We have demos of two of our songs that are set to appear on the next record up on our myspace now, but they will only be up for a few days, so peep them while you can, baby!

In other amazing news, we're working very hard to try and figure out how to make our first UK tour a reality. Our Brit friends, This Town Needs Guns, have offered us a string of shows on their home turf, and we're trying to iron out the details as we speak. That tour is shaping up to be some time in October. Don't worry, though. We'll do our best to make it back for The Fest. We hope to have more amazing news in this department in the next few weeks.

To all our Tallahassee and Florida buds- we have a few shows coming up. Friday the 19th of June we're playing the Engine Room with Damion Suomi, Oh! Geography, and Relondondo (which features our producer Phil Martin on drums and drum tech August Hansen on the guitar and vox). Then we have two shows with our buddies XOXO from Orlando and Dignan from Texas. Those dates are the 17th of July at the Crowbar in Tampa and the 18th at Backbooth in Orlando. Come one, come all, okay?

The Look Mexico crew would like to give big ups to Matt's mom- wishing her a happy retirement after thirty nine dedicated years of elementary education in Auburndale, Florida!

Also- congrats to Slate and Smith's longtime bud Alex who just tied the knot last weekend. All right!!!

Well, that's all for now. Thanks so much for the support, and stay tuned for more awesome stuff!!!!

This is what Virgil from Suburban Home had to say about everything!

Today, I am excited to announce to the world that we have just "signed" Look Mexico. The Tallahassee, Floridians started writing music in mid 2004 having released a full length ("This is Animal Music"), a collection album ("The Crucial Collection"), and a number of EPs including a song on the first ever Under the Influence 7" with Fake Problems and one of my favorite 7"s of 2009, the Gasp Asp EP. We became fans of the band when we first spun "This is Animal Music" and was absolutely delighted that Fake Problems wanted to do their Under the Influence with them. We later met the band at the past year's Fest and have since been discussing the possibility of us working together. It is important for us to be able to get along with our bands, maybe even more important than any other factor, and Look Mexico are family. I realized it when the band were in Denver (while on tour with Frank Turner) as we shared more than a few drinks together, up front singing along to Frank Turner's set. Musically, Look Mexico are one of the few bands that everyone in our office enjoys. Their sound recalls, at least to me, early Minus the Bear mixed with some Get up Kids, 2 bands I absolutely love. They mix melody and technical precision in a way that just grabs us.

The band are currently recording what will become their Suburban Home Records' debut. They will again be working with Phil Martin and August Hansen who will be engineering and producing the recording out of a rented out basement (underneath a pizza joint). We hope to release the album in the Fall of 2009 with a 7" single prior to the album's release. Expect the band to tour like crazy throughout the UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States after the release of their new albu. Stay tuned for further details and know that we here at Suburban Home are absolutely positively excited to be able to work with such a talented band.

Right now through the weekend, you can listen to 2 demo recordings of songs that will be featured on Look Mexico's upcoming album. Just visit their Myspace page to listen to the songs.

While waiting for their Suburban Home Records' debut, I recommend you check out the following sites:

Look Mexico's Blog (they are always updating the blog with studio updates, tour diaries and more)
Look Mexico's Myspace page
Look Mexico's Facebook page
Purchase Look Mexico vinyl (Through this really cool webstore called Vinyl Collective)
Lujo Records (Great Label responsible for most of Look Mexico's back-catalog)


  1. SO happy for you dudes. You have worked your butts off.

  2. Joshua - congrats on the signing. Great to see a band of great dudes working with a great dude in Virgil.

    Corey from Pastepunk