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Monday, April 4, 2011

Studio Update - Day Three

We made sure to get to bed early (by order of J. Robbins) to ensure Matt got a lot of sleep before our final full day in the studio. While we did follow orders, it was not enough to heal Matt's sinus infection, so while we spent some time trying to get good takes, in the end Matt decided most of it wasn't usable, so we called our friend and producer Phil Martin (To Bed to Battle, Gasp Asp) who just happens to be moving to Austin this week, and it looks like Matt and Phil will be finishing up the vocals together over the next couple weeks.

With vocals not happening, we decided to move on. We finished all the guitars. Nick did some background vocals. We even got J to lay down some vox and a really cool Jerry Lewis style piano part in a chorus.

Though some of the day might have seemed rather uneventful, there were other definite bright spots. A lot of time was spent with Chaos the Cat, playing Grand Theft Auto 1, watching Matt trying to flush the snot out of his nose, layering breathe-right strips on his nose in hopes of ridding the nasally stuffiness, spending hours on twitter, etc. There's quite a bit of downtime in the studio. Probably best to bring a book.

So that's it. Matt and Phil just have to finish vocals and then we will send it back to J to mix. So stoked to get this record finished and out to you guys. We are really proud of it so far.