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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look Mexico vs. Holiday Sweepstakes???

That's right.

We here at Look Mexico were sitting around LMHQ, decorating for the Holidays, when we thought, “Hey! We sure are thankful for our fans!” Getting in the spirit, we’ve decided to give away some rare and fun LM items to 3 deserving LM fans! How will we decide?? I’ll tell ya!

From today, Wednesday 11/25/09 until Tuesday 12/15/09, anyone who orders $15 or more worth of merchandise off our Online Merch Store will be entered into the Look Mexi-Holiday Sweepstakes! Three winners will be randomly chosen periodically over the next few weeks and then announced on our Facebook page. (For instance, one winner could be announced in a week, or maybe even sooner- just check the FB page frequently!)

What will you win?? Check it.

Limited Edition Hand Screen Printed Poster (Artwork by our very own Joshua Mikel)

Signed 11"x17" Poster

And Lastly, a one of a kind (x3) personal "Holiday Greetings" card from your buds, Look Mexico.

So! Tell your friends, add us on Facebook, and get ready for the festivities to begin! Hey, if you already have everything in the store, why not buy an early Christmas present?? Also, follow us on Twitter to catch hints on what the special "Holiday Greetings" card might be...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Check out how HUGE these tires were!!!!

Love you all.