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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look Mexico vs. Tallahassee

Alright. Matt here, making my debut on the writing side of the blog! I will apologize ahead of time for this not being too lengthy, but I'm actually heading over to our "studio" (the quotations because it's a basement under a pizza shop that we rent out) to finally set up and record. Woo!

Over the past month, we've all been hard at work (literally at work- like jobs), makin' the big bucks. Well, that is when we're not practicing and writing. Too bad we don't get paid to make music! Ha.

Dave's uncle let us borrow some amazing preamps and microphones to add to our gear lists and Dave has been fixing a few of them up. He also modded several of his own mics and REALLY souped 'em up. I'll let him tell you about it all later.

ANYWAYZ. We start recording tomorrow! Starting with 8 songs, we'll have another 6 or 7 to record in about a month. And no, we're not making a rap album with 21 tracks on it. At the end we'll pick the best 10 for the album and probably blow up the extras.


In the meantime, here are some videos of my new dog, Samson, playing with other puppies. (Sorry don't have a lot of band footage for this one)


  1. I have "You only live once" tattooed on my arms! Sweet.

  2. I can't wait to hear this stuff guys.