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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Studio Blog - Day Two

Day two, we arrived at the studio ready to work. We pulled the amps we wanted to use into main live room and J went to work carefully placing mics to get the best sound. Matt used his Vox AC-30 and doubled with a Marshall JCM 800. Slate ran stereo with his twin and J's Ampeg Gemini I. Once we had our tracks done, J went through and did a rough mix to make sure we were getting the right sounds and bam, this thing is sounding absolutely huge, loud, and energetic.

That's what we are loving about this recording experience. J won't let us get bogged down on anything, and the push to keep the process moving, with J's mic techniques, is really capturing the energy on our live show in a way our other records don't. Our last few recordings we did over the course of a month. This whole recording and mixing process will take a total of 5 days. We are very stoked on this method and are already talking about coming back and recording with J for our next full length.

Once we knocked out a few guitar tracks we planned to start vocals, but as luck would have it, Matt's sinus infection was getting worse and we had to push vocals off to day 3. We decided to use the rest of our time knocking out percussion. We all got in the live room and laid down our hand claps. It took a minute to get them tight and as a result our hands were red and raw. We then tuned up the timpani and Nick laid down some sick parts. We tied it all together, got completely stoked, and headed back to the hotel early so Matt could get some rest and we could start on vocals the next day.

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  1. Looks like Smith is doing some Insanity...?

    Looks like a great time, hope everything goes the way y'all want it to!

    fruggin miss you guys.