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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Look Mexico vs. CMJ '09

Ok. Short and sweet.

We've been having a BLAST in New York. The tour up here with Hop Along was fun as hell and the fun keeps on comin'. Tour starts tomorrow with Bridge and Tunnel, taking us back to Sunny Florida for FEST 8!

I promise I'll have one of Josh's long and beautiful updates on here soon, but for now... Indulge on THESE gems!

Look how much this guy loves Mario! I saw him on the G train today and had to share. Notice that he even looks like Mario. Mustache and all! Smith actually pointed that out. What you cannot see is that he had an NES controller for a belt buckle!

Speaking of Smith, he got TAZED a few times at The Milestone in Charlotte, NC. Willingly.

Oh yeah, and the record is FINISHED~ "To Bed To Battle" is getting mastered as we speak. Expect a single 7" out from Suburban Home by the end of the year and the LP in early 2010! HURRAY!!!

love you.


  1. yay! can't wait for the new record!! and ryan got tazed?? why? did erik ever tell you about the time he tazed himself (with my tazer). true story, i was there. you should have him tell you. hugs and more hugs!

  2. missed you guys in nyc. excellent band. come back soon!